Baltic Audience Links

Baltic Audience Links  is  a new network project with a specific aim to widen and strengthen the existing networks: River//Cities (EU) and Access Europa (SE), giving them a clear Baltic dimension. Project partners are Intercult ( Swedish lead partner), River//Cities platform foundation based in Poland and from Lithuania.
As a result of networking we would like to create a couple of EU project applications. The project is co financed by the Baltic Sea Unit at Swedish Institute in Stockholm.

The theme is Audience Development for culture organisations in BSR. For creating a sense of togetherness in the region we all have to rethink how to develop new audiences.
We are interested in projects on micro level which aim to bringing the society together by participatory approach, a theme that partners of Baltic Audience Links wants to investigate more than it has been done in previous projects within BSR region. We want to take a closer look at local audiences on many levels; from people living in new, modern neighborhoods to neglected ones, from young to old inhabitants, from cities to villages. One part of the project is also an Audience Development Study in the BSR region, which will be conducted by from Lithuania.

The implementation of the project takes place at the 1st project meeting on November 8 2016 during BSSR Forum i Stockholm, aiming to invite and gather network members and other interested organisations from BSR area. Second meeting will be organized during Audience Links week in Stockholm in February 2017.

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Audience Links Xchange conference on audience development - a follow up of the conference and seminar February 22 & 23 2017

Mapping study - tools for audience engagement in the Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Audience Links konferens

Europa Direkt Intercult & PA Culture inbjuder till seminarium den 9 november om Audience Development

i samarbete med Baltic Sea Region Strategy (EUSBSR) Policy Area Culture (PA Culture) och Europa Direkt Intercult

Intercult deltar i nytt projekt: Baltic Audience Links


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