On Monday 23rd May 2022, researchers and experts from Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Poland are arriving in Sweden for the second workshop of SOS Climate Waterfront in Stockholm. The participants will stay for a 4-week intensive workshop.


The aim of the workshop is to exchange transnational examples of best practices and benefit from this special condition that would not be available in a single institution. Local experts, municipal representatives, stakeholders and international scholars will work together, participants will exchange views, gain new perspectives, discuss new approaches and create masterplans.


Through an interdisciplinary methodology, the S.O.S. Climate Waterfront will fill the gap in the understanding of how the different scales of urban and landscape planning, architectural design and technology are linked in water-related strategies and how they impact each other in the definition of preventive action plans and in the enhancement of more conscious solutions to inform the community, human welfare and socio-economic activities along those vulnerable territorial settings of the waterfront.


We are looking forward to the upcoming creative days!

You can download the agenda here:

SOS Stockholm Waterfront Program, May-June 2022