On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, our partners Hellenic Association of Adult Education organized an event entitled ”Art and Digital Technologies in Adult Education, a creative dialogue” in Athens, within the framework of our Erasmus + “Bridging Digital” project. It is a project that focuses on innovative practices and aims to support the development and combination of digital and creative skills, both for adult educators and art professionals.

The event started with the presentation of the program to the attendees, the goals, the stages and the planned activities of the partners. This was followed by the presentation of the “Angels of Joy” team, their work and their involvement in Bridging Digital. Finally, a workshop entitled ”Adapting theatrical practice to digital media: creative tools and educational applications” took place where it was discussed how a theatrical event could be captured with the aim of its digital distribution, how it could be used a digital work in the educational process and finally how a theatrical event could be designed on specific thematic directions, such as the particular condition of the elderly in an evolving social environment.


This workshop is the first of a series of actions that will be implemented under this program.


You can watch a video with some highlights (the video is in greek)