Apply to be a part of Art Gora Forum April 10-12 2019!

Gender equality is a major concern to all of humankind. It is a fundamental right as well as an internationally agreed UN Sustainable Development Goal. Yet, many challenges are still facing women worldwide. Arts and creative industries have played a crucial role in advocacy and awareness raising campaigns towards reducing gender pay gap, eliminating violence against women and sexual harassment (for instance, #MeToo), advancing women participation in decision making, peace and conflict resolution, and campaigning for women’s economic independence and equal pay.

Today’s Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is a pool of a fantastic diversity of people with different cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds. Our project – Creative Industries for an Equal Baltic – will demonstrate the value of creative and cultural sector (CCS) for cooperation, social innovation and inclusion, by showcasing innovative cultural projects, representing the diversity in the region and by discussing in an open format how such projects encourage cultural cooperation and social innovation between and within the culturally diverse societies in the BSR and the Eastern Partnership countries.

Target countries: Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Georgia and Ukraine.

Deadline 27/01 2019. 

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