On Thursday, February 23, the screening of the documentary ”On the Angels’ Site”, that has been created as part of the Erasmus+ ”Bridging Digital” was held at the Trianon cinema. But how was this documentary created and what will be its use?

The history of creation

The project ‘Digital Art Academy – cultural education for digital skills’ aims to support the growth and intertwining of digital and creative competences for both adult educators and artistic professionals. It will bring together adult educators with creative practitioners who, in cooperation with multimedia experts, will use digital technologies to create new art forms.

This documentary was the result of the collaboration of two organizations, the Hellenic Adult Education Association, and the Angels of Joy. As part of the ”Bridging Digital” project, we jointly created a series of workshops in order for us to explore the appropriate creative tools and methods for transforming the theatrical act into audiovisual material.

The first audiovisual material was created. It is about ”The song of my life”, a theatrical act designed by the Angels of Joy, having as its basic material the autobiographical stories of elderly people living in nursing homes. The Angels of Joy, in collaboration with the caregivers and animators, collected the material and created a single narrative from it, which also formed the theatrical text.

Upon its completion, a pilot screening was carried out in the nursing home from which the primary material was collected. The screening process, as well as the reactions of the elderly, were recorded and made up the material of the documentary ”At the Angels’ Worksite”, with a total duration of 33 minutes.

In the cinema

Before the screening of the documentary began, we talked with the attendees about the process followed to create the documentary and all the stages we described earlier. The screening and discussion followed. The participants, in most of them adult educators, expressed their impressions as well as their thoughts, both for the implementation of the method and for the use of the documentary itself in the educational process. The presence of representatives of the Angels of Joy was once again important, as they shared how they experienced the whole process. Equally important was the contribution of the director and main educator of the process as well as the rest of the creative and organizational team.


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