Date: Wednesday June 3 2020
Place: Intercult Facebook Page

There are probably very few people working in culture, design and urban planning that have not heard the word participation over the past ten years. Maybe even a few times too often, even if it is now being exchanged with the words collaboration and co-creation. So why do we need to talk about this? Well, because we talk about it more than we actually do it, and it can always be done more often and much better.

In this webinar we invite three experts on participation, collaboration and co-creation in and between public art and urban planning. From different perspectives we will look at the possibility for different levels of art and culture integration in urban planning and development. What good examples are there in different places in Europe and how can we all learn from each other?

In the context of the ongoing COVID pandemic we will also discuss on how groups of people can meet and collaborate today. Public space has always been the arena for large gatherings, but how can this be done if we also need to stay distanced and apart? How can we co-create future places and societies when we may not be able to share physical space in the same way as before?

The Urban Agenda for the EU points out that participation is a right, not a gift. Culture and cultural heritage should be recognised as vital assets and help to shape the identity of cities and regions. Furthermore, cultural participation has a significant impact on residents’ quality of life, contributing to their wellbeing and sense of belonging. Cities are perceived as laboratories of cultural innovation; they play a key role in enabling citizens and communities to benefit from culture and cultural heritage, while simultaneously mobilising stakeholders and authorities to act in support.


Dr tara s Beall
American artist based in Glasgow and Dumfries, working with communities on durational projects to recover and highlight marginalised histories. Her work spans a variety of media including performative events, guided ‘artwalks’, and creative interventions in the public realm. She is the Lead Scottish Artist for Memory of Water EU Creative Europe (2018-2021), examining post-industrial waterfronts in six European cities, funded by Creative Europe.

Jonas Büchel
Freelancing social worker and cultural manager as well as practicing urbanist, urban curator and community worker. Jonas aims to tackle current social challenges by planning and managing projects with communities, municipalities and regional/state institutions. Civic education and curating urban cultural and art projects are additional tools to create liveable and inclusive social environments. Jonas is co-founder and CEO of the Urban Institute, Riga.

Elisavet Papageorgiou
Architect and graphic designer based in Sweden, working at the intersection of arts, architecture and creativity. She has years of experience working for international cultural festivals and events in Sweden, Denmark and Greece. She is currently the Communication and Design manager of Eye’s Walk Digital festival in Syros – an International Video Art festival in Greece while also working at Intercult in Stockholm for various bigger and smaller scale projects.

Iwona Preis, CEO, Intercult

Mathias Holmberg, Intercult

This webinar is open to everyone!

The webinar will be streamed live on Intercult’s Facebook page.

The webinar is in English.