Datum: Fridag 15 maj 2020, kl 12.30-13.30

Arrangörer: Intercult / Europe Direct Intercult / Culture Action Europe 

Det här webbinariet sker på engelska.

The Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) all over Europe are hit severely by the COVID-19 pandemic. Live events and performances had to be cancelled, while most cultural venues were forced to close their doors. Cultural creators are severely affected by the discontinuation of their exhibition and performance opportunities. In sectors characterised by self-employment, freelancing and job flexibility, combined with little or no access to social benefits, the loss of income poses a direct and immediate threat to the existence of authors, performers and all cultural operators, many of which had already been struggling well before the current emergency. Without immediate actions on different levels, the negative consequences of this crisis will affect our economy and the sustainability of the European cultural life. We might not be able to recover from this “culture shock” for many years, losing much of the richness and diversity of the European cultural scene. At the same time cultural operators are doing great efforts by going digital and delivering culture to isolated homes.

It is our common responsibility to protect and support the cultural ecosystem and creators all over Europe in order to ensure that they can continue to create culture, during these difficult times and in the future. As #Culturekeepsussane !

What is offered to culture by Europe? What are the measures already introduced or being prepared by the European Commission directed to independent creators as well as enterprises and associations? What is going on with the current Creative Europe program? What are the expectations of winning the fight for emergency funds for culture?

Speakers from Culture Action Europe, Brussels:
Natalie Giorgadze, Communications & Community Director
Gabriele Rosana, Policy Director

Moderator: Iwona Preis, CEO Intercult, Stockholm

The webinar is open to everyone, but we need your registration sent by email to: europadirekt@intercult.se

The event is streamed live on Intercult´s Facebook.

Culture Action Europe is the major European network of cultural networks, organisations, artists, activists, academics and policymakers. CAE mission is to advocate the arts and culture as a fundamental building block of the common future of Europe and beyond.

The webinar is in English

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