In connection with Europe Day 2020 Intercult’s series of webinars will connect cities and scholars across Europe to present research and practice on facing climate change and sea level rise. For urban waterfronts this is a major challenge and a threat not only to environment and economy, but also to cultural heritage, recreation and social life. As the United Nations’ secretary general recently noted, the threat from coronavirus is temporary whereas the threat from heat waves, floods and extreme storms resulting in the loss of human life will remain with us for years.

For this webinar we invited partners from S.O.S Climate Waterfront #Horizon2020 Marie Curie (where Intercult is a partner) to share knowledge and ideas from transnational collaborations.

S.O.S Climate Waterfront is an interdisciplinary project that aims to explore waterfronts in Europe that are facing climate change. The project collects different disciplines to create new strategies for sustainable solutions for infrastructure and urban planning in Europe. Three cities and four partners in the project presented their work and research on transforming urban waterfronts, from Lisbon, Thessaloniki and Stockholm.

Pedro Ressano Garcia , Professor Lusofona University Lisbon, and Coordinator for S.O.S. Climate Waterfront –

Anastasia Tzaka, Architect/Urban designer and PhD researcher at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Katarina Larsen, Researcher at KTH Stockholm –

Iwona Preis, CEO Intercult, Stockholm

Moderator: MathiasHolmberg, Intercult, Stockholm

S.O.S Climate Waterfront – Sustainable Open Solutions for European urban waterfronts programme focuses to develop new solutions that emerge from the present necessities. Local experts, municipal representatives, stakeholders , cultural producers and international scholars work together, participants exchange views, gain new perspectives and discuss new approaches. The focus on people, their skills and opportunities rather than depending only on resources or profitable income is a priority in the research project. The main goal is to expand the realm of possibilities so that urban waterfronts can adapt, transform and create opportunities to be meaningful areas for the community.

This webinar was streamed live on May 6th on Intercult’s Facebook page. Go to our Facebook page to watch all our webinars online.