Tre nya kunskapsrika workshops från SmartSE och Intercult!


  Smart SE och Intercult kommer under februari och mars månad djupdyka i den digitala dimensionen och den virtuella världen!  Är ni redo att nå nya nivåer med ert konstnärsskap och samtidigt möjliggöra att nå ut till fler? Vi är så glada att kunna erbjuda er tre kostnadsfria och kunskapsrika workshops. Under dom kommer vi få [...]

Tre nya kunskapsrika workshops från SmartSE och Intercult!2023-01-27T13:19:09+00:00

Tvådagars workshop med Jonas Myrstrand


I torsdags startade vår nya kurs "Skapa Scenkonst med VR" med en tvådagars workshop på SITE - Production Centre for Performing Arts. Kirsten fortsätter med 10 tillfällen under våren och eget arbete. Här får deltagarna tillsammans med Jonas Myrstrand , immersiv filmare och producent, pröva hur och om VR-tekniken kan fylla ett behov i scenkonsten. [...]

Tvådagars workshop med Jonas Myrstrand2023-01-22T21:06:25+00:00



It's hard to imagine, but it was April once ... sun, green leaves and flowers ... and then there was also 𝗔𝗡𝗜𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗢𝗡, which was organized by the City Culture Institute as part of the Bridging Digital project and the concept for the music video illustrating the song by Klawo was created on it. You can [...]


Hackaton MusicJam 2022


Bridging Digital is the transfer of the potential that lies in the combination of culture and technology. MusicJam, which took place in Gdańsk a month ago, showed how much it could be a win-win situation. This is an event for people creating electronic music. The organizer was Instytut Kultury Miejskiej - one of the partners [...]

Hackaton MusicJam 20222023-01-24T23:31:40+00:00

Open Call: Digital Residency on 6-10 February 2023


We are now looking for emerging theatre artists for the first digital residency, via an OPEN CALL Theatre in Palm, international project funded by Creative Europe, is hosting a digital residency on 6–10 February 2023. The project will later host two more residencies during the 3-year-project. The residency is aimed at emerging theatre artists, such as Theatre [...]

Open Call: Digital Residency on 6-10 February 20232023-01-19T14:47:41+00:00

Digital exhibition of S.O.S. Climate Waterfronts – Stockholm Conference


We are so pleased to present you the S.O.S Climate Waterfront-Stockholm conference digital exhibition! S.O.S Climate Waterfront project creates new perspectives, fresh ideas and highlights the sustainability in urban waterfronts. During the Stockholm conference last May-June, our invited guests had only 4 weeks to observe the city’s waterfronts, get informed about the areas and the [...]

Digital exhibition of S.O.S. Climate Waterfronts – Stockholm Conference2022-11-19T08:53:14+00:00

Nordic talks events – Summary Report


After three successful Nordic talk sessions, talking about sustainability, arts, urban planning and climate actions, we are happy to present you our report summarizing the main points of all the discussions. Nordic Talks - Intercult report Author: Elisavet Papageorgiou  

Nordic talks events – Summary Report2023-08-15T11:48:32+00:00

Skapa Scenkonst med VR


“Skapa Scenkonst med VR”! Intercults nya kurs som består av tio dagars utbildningstillfällen under våren 2023 i Stockholm uppdelade på 1-2 dagar per tillfälle. Här får deltagarna tillsammans med konstnärliga handledare pröva hur och om VR-tekniken kan fylla ett behov i kulturbranschen. Under denna kurs undersöker vi frågorna: Vilka möjligheter finns [...]

Skapa Scenkonst med VR2023-09-16T20:33:10+00:00

VR for the Stage sector – Report


Intercult has organised a workshop led by Jonas Myrstrand, an experienced filmmaker working with immersive media productions, and hosted by Gothenburg Film Studios. The workshop was part of our Erasmus+ Bridging Digital project. The workshop was designed to introduce participants to the skills and techniques required to create VR immersive productions. During two stimulating and [...]

VR for the Stage sector – Report2022-11-07T21:47:46+00:00

Nordic Talks -The Role of Culture in Sustainable Society–Sustainability in Art and Cultural Projects


Welcome to our online Nordic Talk about culture and sustainability! The purpose of this talk is to make the theme of culture and sustainability more tangible, and to inspire not only people in the cultural sector but everyone interested in culture and the role of art in society. Invited Speakers - Germaine Sanders (NL) - [...]

Nordic Talks -The Role of Culture in Sustainable Society–Sustainability in Art and Cultural Projects2022-10-25T10:00:21+00:00
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